Artist's Statement

Business Card Image.jpg
My name is Barbara Blane and I am an artist & jeweller living in Belfast.
I graduated from university with a BA Hons in Contemporary & Applied Art, having specialised in Jewellery Design & Silversmithing.

I am inspired by natural textures and simple forms, and I like to create tactile designs which reflect this.
I believe jewellery is a treasure which should last a life time and carry memories with you through the years.
By exploring my own nostalgic relationship with classic jewellery designs, and adding a modern minimalist twist to them I aim to create future heirlooms which are environmentally responsible and will stand the test of time.

I use recycled metals in my designs whenever possible and it is my hope that by creating quality designs I can offer an alternative to modern, disposable culture.
By making an ethically and socially aware decision to purchase environmentally responsible products we can help preserve our planets natural beauty, 
and to ensure future generations have the chance to experience it as well.